Social Innovation: The Innovator’s Quest

Course offered by: Prof. Dr. André Habisch, Stefan Raich, Dr. Jürgen Rippel
Offering University: KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
Course Language: English
Subject Area: Economic Sciences Free of Charge
Average Workload: 25 Hours Free of Charge Enrol
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What awaits you in this course?

Are ready to embark on this course on social innovation?

Do not expect an ordinary course, this is an invitation to go on a journey towards innovation. Discover yourself and the potential tasks in the world that are waiting for you to be mastered.

In eight chapters, you will not only face concepts and theories on innovation but you can learn about the process of innovation, the role of society, get to know creativity tools and use practical exercises to deepen your understanding. Find introductory videos in every chapter, audio files, presentations and external material for your personal learning journey.

Nowadays, you can find many challenges in the world, waiting to be tackled by innovators. Topics reach from climate change to prosperity, from democracy to social security, from health to nutrition. We introduce you to traditional ideas of innovation just to give you inspiration to overcome them. Follow the guides in this course and learn how to listen, to envision and find out how to successfully innovate and how (social) innovation can improve the life of many. On the Innovator’s quest, you are not alone on the journey. You are guided by four mentors, a variety of innovation heros that accompany you and your fellow students, with whom you can network and exchange ideas.

Enjoy the journey!

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What can you learn in this course?

On your journey through this course, you can acquire a range of useful and important skills that innovators need. We want you to experience yourself, reflect and have fun in doing so.

This course offers theoretical knowledge, the acquisition of the relevant tools for the innovators journey and exercises for personal development, to learn more about ones' strength'. These three aspects come together in the course. You can dive into our approach to radical or disruptive innovation. Follow the mentors, they will guide you through the chapters following specific learning goals.

Here are some of them:

Personal goals:

  • Personal competence test: get to know yourself and your strengths better
  • Good practices: experience profiles of famous innovators, their strategies and the role of teams
  • Management tools for innovators: learn about techniques to find a vision, goals and the roots of your motivation

As a true sailor, you need to know you competencies and the goal or as St. Exupery says: "We try to teach you the longing for the sea"!

Concepts and terms:

  • History of Innovation: learn about the evolution of innovations through history
  • Concepts and terms of Innovation: acquire well-founded knowledge on concepts and different types and objectives of innovation 
  • Social Innovation approaches: find out the specific character of social innovations and their relation to technological innovations

Is there truth in science? At least on board you will need facts and a precise analysis in order to persue your way through society. Sharpen your senses to listen to social phonomenon and the little seagull Jonathan in you.

Society and the social field:

  • Introduction to sociological analysis: Learn about society and ways to analyse the social field, challenges and social needs
  • Management and merketing tools for founders:
    you will hear about the role of business, its embeddedness in society and the stakeholder approach
  • Creativity tools for innovators: experience useful instruments like creativity tools or business models start-ups and entrepreneurs' need.

There is nothing good unless you do it! Let the right idea and a demanding ship crew come together and beautiful discoveries can be the result.

Measure, impact and reflect:

  • Impact measurement: get an insight into indicators to measure impact and success
  • Attitude training: exercise to reflect your specific journey and that of the innovator. This teaches you not only strength but also potential failures 
  • Political implications: reflect about the transformative power of innovation and our ideas for a new social market economy.

Driven by your freedom and inspiration you have reached your goal. The ship lies in the harbour, only to sail again as soon as possible.


The course consists of the following eight chapters:

1. Preparing for Innovation
2. Framing your Journey
3. Creating your Vision
4. Sparking Creativity
5. Developing your Innovation
6. Navigating through Society
7. Creating a Market
8. Reflecting your Journey

Course offered by

Prof. Dr. André Habisch (Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt)

Prof. Andre Habisch holds a degree in business administration and a doctorate in theology and teaches at the Faculty of Economics at KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. In addition, he coordinates the business administration master's specialisation 'Entrepreneurship and Innovation' at the faculty. In the framework of the Social Impact Start-up Academy SISTAC ( ), he has developed an action-learning method in which students - in teams and alone as part of their MA thesis - work for award-winning African start-ups; SISTAC courses are now also run at other universities worldwide. This course offers conceptual foundations and complementary perspectives on this. In this course, André provides you a historical background on the role of innovation in society and some smart strategies to lead your start-up to success.

Further authors

Stefan Raich (Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt)

Stefan Raich holds a degree in Tourism Management, a Bachelor in Philosophy and works as a research associate at the KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. In his research work he deals with sustainable organisational behaviour and social innovation. He also works as a consultant on knowledge transfer at the university. In this context, he has developed various transfer formats and advised partners. In his opinion, there is an urgent need for transferring scientific expertise to become effective in shaping major societal transformation processes. That is why he was also engaged in founding a cooperative on housing and a zero waste shop. In this course, Stefan introduces you to different concepts on (Social) Innovation and he wants to sharpen your senses for the transformative power of Social Innovation for sustainable development.

Dr. Jürgen Rippel (University of Applied Sciences Ansbach)

Dr. Jürgen Rippel is a lecturer for special tasks at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences since 2001. In this context he brings in his experience as a market researcher and marketing scout in teaching and research. He is also active as a management consultant on creativity, strategy, organisation and leadership. The research focus of his dissertation led him to co-found the ifini Institute for Innovation and Wisdom. For him, the free development of the creative entrepreneurial spirit is particularly important. In this course, Jürgen wants to give you a deeper insight into the world of creativity and the competencies of visionaries and innovators.

Kristina Timpe (Infini Institute)

Kristina Timpe is an independent coach for personal development and has many years of experience as a leadership consultant on the topics of imagination, inspiration, vision finding and vocation. Her special focus is on the identification of talent. Her own gift is to detect blockages and getting into contact with the field of inspiration. She is co-founder of the ifini Institute for Innovation and Wisdom. In this course Kristina stands for the personal, human aspect of innovation and supports the participant with her impulses.

Target group

The course adresses individuals that are interested in the phenomenon of innovation and want to discover the fascination of innovating. We invite the participants of this course to a special learning experience and challenge them on the "Innovators Quest".

The structure of the course in the form of a learning journey enables students as well as other interested participants, employees, executives, entrepreneurs and innovators to explore the topic of innovation in both an introductory and in-depth way. The English version of the programme enables students and entrepreneurs from all over the world to participate, exchange ideas with like-minded people and connect to others. The course does not require any special prior knowledge.

Confirmation of participation

You can earn Badges in every chapter and by successfully completing the marked tests across the course the Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt and the University of Applied Sciences Ansbach grant you a certificate on Social Innovation.


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