Principles of Fintech Business Models

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Anbietende Hochschule: TH Nürnberg (GSO)
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Was erwartet Sie in diesem Kurs?

Learn to understand fintechs - which threaten to destroy traditional banks. No traditional banking service will last forever. Either traditional banks become fintechs or they will be replaced by fintechs. In this banking and finance class, we talk about the most important challengers in the market. The fintech business models. Do you want to understand the success of Paypal, Alipay or Klarna? Or maybe some of the best robo advisors or crowdfunding fintechs in the world? Do you want to know how to take advantage of the blockchain and artificial intelligence?

Fintechs in the business areas of alternative payment systems, robo-advisors, crowdfunding, social trading, personal finance management (PFM), blockchain technology and artificial intelligence are presented in the class. The business model canvas is used to analyze their relevant value drivers. Finally, as the class illustrates developments for the various fintech segments, it also shows possible changes in consumer behavior for financial services or banking which could lead to disruptive changes in the banking environment. Students of the class will learn about innovations in the field of finance and banking. Some fintechs will replace the services of banks. Others will not survive. This OPEN vhb class explains the principles of innovative fintech business models.

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Was können Sie in diesem Kurs lernen?

The goal of our online class is to make you understand the strategies and techniques of fintechs. You can either join the world of fintechs or neutralize your opponent fintechs by adapting your banking activities in order to take control of the market changes. This course will help to improve your skills in modern banking. In this online class with many videos and interactive exercises, you will learn the differences between the fintech business models. From payments, investments, financing, key partners, key resources, USPs, sales channels, costs and revenues … Participants will learn the application of the canvas business model for fintechs. Course participants will know the value drivers of the fintech industry. Participants will learn with the help of case studies and have to check their understanding with interactive quiz exercises. They will understand the innovations made by Paytechs in the payment industry or robo advisors in the portfolio management industry. They will know the differences between crowdfunding, crowdlending, crowdinvesting, social trading. They can understand the application areas of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence in banking and finance. We can assure you that you will leave this online class with a better competency in fintech business models.


Chapter 1: Fintech Markets
Chapter 2: Paytechs and Alternative Payments Methods
Chapter 3: Robo Advisory and Digital Asset Management
Chapter 4: Crowd Funding - New Financing Methods
Chapter 5: Neo Banks
Chapter 6: Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 7: Blockchain Technology
Chapter 8: Lessons Learned

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Professor Matthias Fischer from the University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg, Germany is responsible for the development of this online course. He is an expert in banking and fintech. The topic of fintechs is part of his lectures at the University. He recently published the book “Fintech Business Models, Applied Canvas Method and Analysis of Venture Capital Rounds Berlin/Boston 2021”. A team of his students supported the creation of the videos and interactive course exercises. The course also was supported by Professor Bernd Mühlfriedel from the University of Applied Sciences in Landshut.


The class on fintechs is for students interested in the innovative developments in the fields of finance and banking. The class could be part of a finance or banking class on bachelor or master level. The class content is also important for professionals in the finance and banking sector to learn more about innovative trends. The class is open for students on a global level covering examples from Europe, the USA and Asia. Users of the class can access only a few fields if they have some special interests or they can complete the full class content and would get a certificate of participation.


You can only listen to some videos or some chapters of interest. But you could also do the complete class, listen to all videos and works through all interactive exercises. Once you have successfully completed the class you will get a Certificate of Participation. With this Certificate you can demonstrate your knowledge in the innovative banking field of fintechs. Once you have correctly answered 80 percent of all quiz questions included in the course, you may download a certificate of participation from the menu tab with the trophy icon at the top right of the course and add it to your CV.


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