Creating Common Ground in Business, Economics, and Terminology

Angeboten von: Prof. Dr. Erich H. Ruppert
Anbietende Hochschule: TH Aschaffenburg
Kurssprache: Englisch
Wissensgebiet: Einstiegskurse Kostenfrei
Durchschnittliche Bearbeitungszeit: 60 Stunden Kostenfrei Einschreiben
Bildnachweis: Simka Stefanova

Was erwartet Sie in diesem Kurs?

The course gives an introduction, in English, to how economists think about economic problems and about how businesses behave. The focus is on enabling non-native speakers of English to participate successfully in classes in business administration or economics held in English at universities or universities of applied sciences. The course familiarises learners with the subject-specific terminology necessary to follow lectures, understand textbooks, complete assignments and take part in debates. Although this is an introductory course, it is a very solid foundation for any future course in these subjects.

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Was können Sie in diesem Kurs lernen?

  • Knowledge in English of many of the terms met in the study of economics and business at university level. Some of these terms are not widely used or possibly used differently in other contexts, so that even students with an excellent command of English in everyday language will profit from the course.
  • Create common ground with your fellow students and lecturers in order to learn and discuss business and economics issues.
  • Increased comprehension of prose, diagrams and maths relevant to the subjects.
  • Utilisation of sources of information through links and blog entries.
  • Interpretation of data and an ability to apply a specific set of terms drawn from statistics and quantitative methods in business and economics.
  • Self-testing exercises on this course will test logical reasoning as well as the grasp of terminology.


  1. Thinking Like an Economist
  2. Using Data and Formulae
  3. Opportunity Cost
  4. Supply, Demand and Prices
  5. Elasticity: Consumer Sensitivity to Price
  6. Price Determination in Competitive Markets
  7. Market Power
  8. Market Failure: Externalities and Public Goods
  9. Income Distribution: Fairness in Society
  10. Information: Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
  11. National Output in an Open Economy
  12. GDP, Welfare and Economic Growth
  13. Inflation: Cause and Consequences
  14. Unemployment: Causes and Consequences
  15. Government Macroeconomic Policy: Multipliers

Angeboten von

Prof. Dr. Ruppert is a professor for financial services and economics at Technische Hochschule Aschaffenburg. Born 1967 in Marburg, Germany, Prof. Ruppert studied economics at the Universität Gießen, Germany and the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA to graduate as Master of Arts in Economics and Diplom-Volkswirt. He obtained his doctorate at the chair for International Economic Relations, Economic and Environmental Policy at Justus-Liebig-Universität, Gießen with a dissertation on a topic from the theory of international trade.

After getting his Ph.D. he took up a position in the economic research department of a major German bank in Frankfurt in the analysis of emerging markets and country risk. Before coming to the University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg Prof. Ruppert worked as Economist for the international bankers association, The Institute of International Finance, in Washington, DC. His focus there was on the developing and emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific-region.

He is now teaching mostly in English in economics, real estate research and econometrics.

Weitere Autorinnen und Autoren

Ken Heather lectures in Economics and Business at the University of Portsmouth in the UK. He has taught in various European Universities and in the USA. He is the author of a number of books in Economics. He has written and produced a large number of films in Economics, Statistics and Mathematics.

Simka Stefanova currently teaches English at the American College in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has lectured on a wide variety of topics, including Economics, Marketing and Hospitality Management. She obtained a Master degree while studying in England. She was the deputy editor of a national newspaper. She is co-author of an English textbook with Ken Heather and has considerable experience in managing online resources.


This course is primarily designed for students whose first language is not English, preparing them for subsequent courses in business and economics held in English. The target audience is mostly incoming foreign students to German universities, as well as outgoing home students in international exchanges with partner universities abroad, where lectures are in English. The course would also be useful for prospective students wanting to go into a bachelor program in Economics, Business or Management, where teaching is completely or partially in English. The course will also be valuable for graduates of a bachelor’s program held mostly in German who are applying for an English-language master program in related fields in Germany or abroad.


In this course you can be awarded a certificate of participation. Please go through the entire 15 units and answer more than 50% of all tests and questions correctly.


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Markets, Business behaviour, Macroeconomy, International trade, Information and marketing, Volkswirtschaftslehre, Economics