Introduction to the World of Public Economics

Anbieter*innen: Prof. Dr. Hanjo Allinger
Anbietende Hochschule: TH Deggendorf
Kurssprache: Englisch
Wissensgebiet: Wirtschaftswissenschaften Kostenfrei
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Was erwartet Sie in diesem Kurs?

Public economics focuses on the state's role in attempts to regulate the economy. Some market failures are well known and require state action. Environmental problems caused by industrial production might serve as an example.

Markets can either fail because the market outcome is inefficient or because it is unjust. But how exactly should the state respond to undesired market outcomes?

Was können Sie in diesem Kurs lernen?

Several general market failures like externalities or public goods will be defined. Students learn about the appropriate state reaction to these market failures to maximize welfare in society. Last but not least students will be introduced into the concept of exogenous justice.


1. Market or State: When Should the State Intervene?
2. Public goods
    - Introduction
    - Optimal Provision and Usage of Public Goods
3. External Effects
    - Introduction
    - Welfare Effects and Internalisation
    - Inframarginal and Fixed External Effects
4. Merit Goods: Market Failure due to Merit Goods
5. Redistribution and Justice
    - Exogenous Justice
    - Utilitarianism and Justice as Fairness (Rawls)


Prof. Dr. Hanjo Allinger teaches economics at TH Deggendorf and heads the INWISO research institute in Munich. He studied at University of Passau, Exeter University and Harvard University. He received several awards for good teaching, from students and from the Bavarian Minister of Research and Education. He taught at University of Passau, Cologne Business School, University of Applied Management Ismaning, Budapest Business School, Andrássy Gyula University Budapest and State University of Management (SUM) in Moscow.


Everybody interested in questions about how to set up a frame work for economic development, which serves people’s needs. This is what public economics is about.


You can download a certificate of participation if you pass 90 percent of the self-tests included in this course.


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