Smarter German. German as a second foreign language – after English

Anbieter*innen: Dr. Thomas Stahl
Anbietende Hochschule: Uni Regensburg
Kurssprache: Englisch
Wissensgebiet: Sprachen Kostenfrei
Durchschnittliche Bearbeitungszeit: 25 Stunden Kostenfrei Einschreiben
Bildnachweis: Thomas Stahl

Was erwartet Sie in diesem Kurs?

+++ What awaits you in this course? +++

The course teaches basic skills (A1) for German learners who want to learn German quickly and efficiently by using their English language knowledge. The focus of learning is on the receptive skills.

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Was können Sie in diesem Kurs lernen?

+++ What can you learn in this course? +++

You learn how to use your knowledge in English to start with German quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, you learn strategies and skills to learn a new language by using your knowledge about languages and language learning.


+++ Outline +++

  1. Module: Vocabulary and learning strategies
  2. Module: Grammar - noun, verb and adjective
  3. Module: Reading and reading skills
  4. Module: Situations - at the restaurant, travelling, at the university


+++ Head of Project +++

Dr. Thomas Stahl heads the Center for Language and Communication at the University of Regensburg. He is interested in topics related to language didactics and deals particularly with questions of multilingual didactics and assessment in a foreign language context.

Weitere Autor*innen

+++ Course Developer +++

Yvonne Sabas Velez taught German as a foreign language and worked as a project assistant at the Center for Language and Communication at the University of Regensburg, before she joined the Language Center of RWTH Aachen. She regularly designs learning and teaching materials as well as level-based e-learning and blended learning courses.


+++ Target Group +++

A1 learner of German as a foreign language who have learnt English as a foreign language before or who are English native speakers.


+++ Confirmation of Participation +++

There is a final self-test at the end of each module. If you pass these self-tests you receive a badge for finishing the corresponding module. To pass the final self-tests you have to answer at least 50 percent of the questions correctly. There are four modules, so you can receive four of these badges.

Furthermore, you can receive a certificate of participation for finishing the whole course. To receive this certificate of participation, you have to pass at least 50 percent of all tests included in the course.


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